Thursday, December 16, 2010

The cast

An actress I knew in grad school once half-jokingly told me, "You're an exhibitionist by proxy!" (Not even half a joke, really, given that she was performing in a play of mine that included full-frontal nudity.) That's playwriting in a nutshell, and that's why I feel so much respect and gratitude for actors. We just concluded auditions, after seeing nearly sixty actors read for six roles, and I'm thrilled that we found such a strong cast but heartsore that we finally had to turn so many terrific people away. Here is our cast, in order of appearance:

David - JR Wickman
Will - Keyon Gaskin
Cinzia - Kate Mura
Leah - Jenny Finke
Rose - Lauren Modica
Marie-Claire - Shoshana Maxwell

A thousand thanks again to everyone who came out. You made auditions a pleasure and casting a bitch.