Friday, April 29, 2011

It won't be long now!

After a gestation period of positively pachyderm proportions, Trailing Colors is about to wobble up onto its feet. I'm remembering every five minutes or so why I chose to name our fledgling company The Other Shoe Productions (as in, "waiting for the other shoe to drop"). Though our "to do" list remains madly long, things are coming along a little too swimmingly for comfort, with the production elements beginning to assume coherent shape, and the actors more than ready to wrest this story from the writer/director's hands and pass it along to you.

I need to say for the record -- after a brief pause to knock wood yet again -- that every member of our cast and crew has been an unqualified joy to work with. Their talent will speak very well for itself in the coming weeks, but if any producer or director types happen to wander through here and want to know how it might be to collaborate with Emily, Taiga, Scott, Kenichi, Jenny, Keyon, Shoshana, Lauren, Kate or JR, I can tell you with perfect conviction (and unfathomable gratitude): wonderful. If you get the chance, jump at it.

We preview next Thursday and open Friday! Magari ci vediamo al teatro! Hope to see you at the theater!