Thursday, May 19, 2011

Two glowing reviews!

The first is from Natalie Baker, critic for the Willamette Week. She writes, "The play moves with ease between its underlying call for action and the smaller but riveting plot lines among individual characters. Brutally honest in one moment... and hilarious in the next... Icenogle's piece provides an emotional balance that keeps the two-hour performance interesting and fresh. Also notable is Lauren Modica's compelling performance as Rose, the toughened shopkeeper who takes pity on Tutsi refugee Marie-Claire (Shoshana Maxwell)." You can find the full review here.

What's more, Kay Olsen - Portland's most heroic of theatregoers - has generously singled us out among the many strong shows now playing around town, giving us a plug on pdxbackstage: "Trailing Colors needs to be seen by one and all. JR Wickman is hot! and Kate Mura is sexy! How can a piece that is primarily about one woman's experience with genocide be a romance and a horror story all at the same time? Go figure... and try to fit it in."

Thanks to all who are getting the word out! Our houses have so far been small, but they've been wonderfully engaged, completing the circuit that jolts a performance to life. For those of you who haven't yet made the trip up Vancouver to Farragut and around to the freight tracks: take a chance, have yourself a little NoPo adventure! We promise to make it worth your while.